Exo Kai poses for W Korea magazine: talks about happiness, his solo debut, and much more

Kai, from boy group EXO, recently debuted as a soloist this past November. Since then, he’s been busy promoting his solo album, which has received a lot of praise by various artists and critics around the world. He has already broken more than 40 records with his debut, some of them include being his company’s (SM entertainment) first artist to get his debut single to #1 in 38 countries. He also achieved 62 #1s for his self titled album and broke some records on YouTube. Despite Kai’s hectic schedule promoting his new solo career, he took a break to dip back into his side job as Gucci’s Global Ambassador.

Kai, who has graced the cover of W Korea before, is now featuring in the magazine with a 12 piece editorial spread for the 2021 January issue. For this editorial he modeled Gucci’s Disney themed attire from the Gucci x Donald Duck collection as well as the 2021 Resort collection.

Image from W Korea Magazine

In the interview Kai was asked about his hobbies, his solo debut, and of course he’s sense of fashion, which has caught the attention of multiple magazines and luxury brands. It started with the interviewer praising his talents, such as dancing and his cool style. Then he shared details from his solo debut, where he mentioned how he was involved in every single aspect regarding his album, including the daring styling choices for his music videos. He also said that he wished to show Kai not only as a singer or a dancer, “I want to use everything as tools to express the image of Kai, not simply an artist that is good at performance, or an artist that is fashionable, these titles are not that important to me. I think the image and feeling they get when they hear my name is more important. When they think of Kai, I’d like people to keep waiting to want to see what more I will show them”.

Image from W Korea Magazine
Image from W Korea Magazine

Kai is known to be a very respectful and caring brother who speaks fondly of his older sisters. And he is also known to be an extremely hardworking artist who loves what he does. Which as a result led the interviewer curious enough to ask him if work was more important than his siblings, to which he answered “The most important thing is myself. I have to be happy. Then it’s my family, third is work”.

Image from W Korea Magazine

Furtheremore he continued talking about his family and also about his past and present self.

Lastly, he was asked if he was happy, considering the editorial is titled “Hello, Happiness (EXO Kai)”, it was only fitting that the last question were to be this one. To the delight of his fans, he replied: “I’m happy, and having fun is also important. I feel even more happy seeing how much fans are enjoying it (his debut album)”.

Check out the music video with the daring styling choices mentioned above:

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